Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday's Blessings

Currently blessing me is....

...this window in the playroom (a.k.a. the observation deck).  I love standing in the kitchen, catching a glimpse of this: curious kids watching birds and squirrels and the ever-changing Ohio weather.  I try to freeze frame it in my mind, to remember the scene years from now.

...the site of my new, able bike rider, Mary.  She's fast!  Momma has to do a little jogging with the jogging stroller to catch up, at times.

...being at the end of the line, watching three incredible blessings in front of me, and pushing another blessing. As nerve-wracking as my life is right now, there are moments when I feel an all encompassing, powerful sense of gratitude.  Gratitude is the only thing sustaining me right now.  Truly.

...the extent to which these kids work together.  Peter and Daddy found a Swallowtail caterpillar on some Queens Anne's Lace over the weekend, and another Monarch caterpillar on a milkweed plant.  During our morning walk/ride, we went into a wooded area to find more Queen Anne's Lace to fatten up the Swallowtail caterpillar.  They all looked equally hard for this particular plant, even though this is mainly Peter and Daddy's project.

It was hot and buggy in there!  They found it quickly...good thing for Momma.  Mosquitoes like me the best.

....water, water, and more water.  We are having a HOT summer!

....the site of my Peter, running joyously toward me, to tell me he saw a new kind of bee.  Wish I could remember the name of it now.  My boy is a real "Dr. John Dolittle" naturalist--studying his insect field guide frequently, and displaying no small amount of excitement when he discovers something new (to him).

...the site of the kids busily making Daddy a banner for his birthday.  Never mind that the balloons are upside down.

....Miss Beth contributing a watercolor picture.  I was amazed at her attention span--for painting.

...the Easy Chocolate Cake recipe we used yesterday for Daddy's cake.  The moistest cake I've ever eaten, people!  You must make this.  And here is the frosting.

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