Saturday, October 2, 2010

gratitude list

Counting my Blessings - Saturday

- my online buddies

- My boys, 6 and 8, have finally hit upon the book series. What is the book series, you ask?  It's the author series that turns a reader into a bookworm.  Most bookworms become so by falling in love with a certain author and then taking off from there, devouring more and more books.  My definition of a juvenile bookworm is a child who:  A)  longs to start reading soon after waking in the morning, and  B)  looks at every task that takes away reading time as a nuisance.  And the drumroll please!  What series is it in this house?  Junie B. Jones   Yeah for Barbara Park!  I owe her a hug and a huge batch of cookies, at least.

- Baby Beth's smile.  It's just beautiful.

- freshly baked pumpkin bread on a cold, rainy day

- fall leaves

- crisp air, sweaters

- the literacy playroom at one of our libraries (full of fine-motor, alphabet, number, problem solving, shape, color, movement and other preschool activities, which are changed weekly.  Moms interact with their preschoolers, exploring the activities together).

- Peter's heart for God and for the lost

- Paul's cuddling

- a nursing baby in my bed

- Beth's first two-word phrase this week--"more nurse" (without the "s", which she still can't form)

- french vanilla hot chocolate - My Walmart grocery store quit carrying it.  I'm devastated.

- cuddling with my kids on the couch instead of doing chores (I have a sinus infection brought on by fall allergies.  Man, I thought migraines were painful!)

- my husband's hair, still thick but soft, and still mostly blond at age 52

- clean happy kids fresh out of the bath

- homemade pancake night (Saturdays) w/mixed thawed berries on the side, because everyone loves it immensely and there's joy all around

- the jars that Newman's Own Black Bean and Corn Salsa come in.  We take off the paper, run them through the dishwasher, and reuse them as milk glasses for the kids.  Now, no one ever spills their milk!  Yeah!  The size, shape, and weight discourage spillage.  Go figure.

- that God never gives up on us

- that prayer always changes us

- that even though we feel like sinners and can still list a lot of sins we struggle with, we are still more godly than we were last year, or even last month.  God is faithful to move us forward (especially when we give him the reins).

- My mother's recent visit (she came somewhat urgently to see her sister Carol, who I mentioned went into a nursing home recently).  Mom flew back to Oregon last Tuesday.  The children and I enjoyed her visit--a huge success relationally.

- Mary's sweet personality and the way Beth's face lights up when Mary comes into the playroom first thing in the morning.

- the fact that my girls use quieter voices than my boys (thank you, thank you, thank you!)


Margie said...

Yay for Junie B! We love her in our house too. I think we have read them all.

Liz said...

Love for Junie B. here too! I just wish we'd find Junie B. as a second grader soon. My daughter reads these books over and over -- even reading parts outloud that her favorites!

I had a dream about you the other night. First you should know that I rarely dream about anyone "real", my dreams seem to be very self-centered... hmm... Anyway, in my dream, I was taking care of your kids. They were totally your kids. I met you and your husband and you just needed a break. I didn't take the baby because she was still nursing, but I did care for her for a few hours. That's all it was. Nothing real significant or shocking in any way. I was just there and helping. I have to tell you that is my true heart. I wish I could help. I laid in bed and I prayed. I prayed for help, encouragement, the right job for your husband and (selfishly) that someday we might meet IN PERSON!

A post or two ago, you wrote about the judgement of people who might think you should put your kids in public school and get a job. I have never thought you should do that, but I have from time to time wondered if enrolling the school-age kids in public school would be helpful. Simply to give you time to think and focus on the younger ones, while the older ones learn. I don't share those thoughts to judge or advise, I've simply wondered it. I also know that our local public school (full of Christian teachers) has been a blessing for my child and our family. Enough about that. Simply a bit a confession (sort of) but nothing real big. I guess I was feeling badly that you have to face such doubt about the decisions you make, but truthfully, I think we all do. It's just a bit different for each of us.

I don't know if God's plan is ever to bless you with abundant finances, but I don't rule it out. I do believe, from personal experience, that typically most things that seem like they can be solved with more money aren't really money problems at all. In my heart, I feel as though you guys are there. You're making all the tough decisions, doing the work, living the truth and yet it's still so hard and financially not enough. While you are walking this tough path I just know that God is preparing you for something great. It would be nice to know right now what that might be, and by the world's eyes it may not be great -- but I know you will be ready and I know if will be great in the kingdom of heaven! Thank you for your faithfullness!

Christine said...

Liz, thank you so much for your loving note! I appreciate you!