Friday, October 29, 2010

little rascals and some recipes

Here are a few pictures of my little rascals.  But first, a few food/baking tidbits.

I found it!  Finally!  The perfect cornbread!  You've got to view this delicious honey cornbread recipe.  I substituted 1/3 melted butter and 3/4 cup milk for the heavy cream.  I also substituted 100% whole wheat flour for the white flour.  The honey and wheat are a heavenly combo.  You wouldn't believe how tasty this is!

Terra, by the way, commented on the other post about red frosting.  You have to buy the Milton gel colors to get a decent red frosting.  She is a cake director and says she usually uses pre-made red and black frosting because they are so difficult to make on your own.  Thank you, Terra!

We were reading a story the other day that mentioned fudge, and thereafter the kids desperately wanted to make some.  Never having made any myself, or even watched someone, I perused some sites to learn a thing or two--mostly because Peter wasn't going to give me a moment's piece until I did! :)

This recipe seems good, and it included some tips, one of which was the purchase of a candy thermometer.  Apparently things can go wrong easily if you step away or get distracted.  I get that part.  But have any of you done it successfully without a candy thermometer?

Little rascals playing dress up with some long-lost mittens and hats.

Some fingerpainting on a balmy October day.  The past two days have been quite cold, but earlier this week it felt like summer again.

 They decorated some leftover cookies.  These were too small in diameter to give away.

 Never leave your baby alone with colored frosting--not even for a minute.  Yikes!

 Did you ever notice that babies are forever putting food in their mouths sideways?

This is how a six year old looks when his football team isn't doing well.

Sweet little rascals!


Jess said...

i read quickly..but wanted you to know i have used a recipe for fudge, making it with hooney, that didn't require me using a candy thermometer and it came out really nicely. i'll email you the recipe. :) kiddos look great! and you are right...NEVER turn your back on a toddler with frosting! :)blessings

Christine said...

Thank you, Jess!