Tuesday, October 12, 2010

giving thanks

I'm thankful for....

...four sweaty heads to shampoo (having Indian summer here) The boys usually shampoo their own, but I wanted to love on all four sweet heads tonight.

...four squeaky clean bodies with smiling faces

...a baby who never tires of naming body parts and learning new names, like chin, shoulder, elbow, eyelash, eyebrow

...my toddler asking to nurse after she gets a boo boo or falls

...93% lean ground turkey for its $1.98 a pound price.  We eat it most nights, with a baked chicken and also pancakes breaking up the week.  I'm pretty sure one can never run out of things to do with ground turkey and left over chicken.  Just tonight, I jotted down three new ground turkey recipes.  Turkey and chicken don't have much iron, so I try to find ways to add beans or pasta.  Frugal recipes seem to rely on a lot of canned soups as add ins.  I don't buy canned soups and prefer not to use canned broth either.  I guess I'm learning to enjoy the challenge of eating well on a budget.

...books, books, and more books--I can't take my children to see the world, but we can sure read about faraway places, and imagine.

...My Paul telling me how he imagines in his mind what story settings look like.  Visual learners turn everything into a picture in their minds.  I remember him telling me all about Heidi's loft bedroom, with the hay-filled bed and the starry sky window

...My Mary's enthusiasm for Geo Trac train track formations.  She works diligently, making different shaped tracks every day.  The boys started designing their own around age 3 also.  Trains are wonderful toys!  

...talking with my children about the Lord, and about how to live for Him, day in and day out.  Both boys expressed sorrow recently that men have to leave their families so much to go to work.  My boys want to be with their kids--a lot!  Yeah for them!  I was reading about the Duggars' emphasis on fathers working at home, whenever possible, so they can be around to lead their families.  So today, we discussed possibilities for family businesses--things the boys can do with their families, in or around the home.  Peter is interested in farming, and Paul is still thinking about it.  I'm proud of their family-oriented spirits!

...my dishwasher

...my washer and dryer

...that I have clothes to fold--right now.  A houseful of precious people to love means nightly folding.  Praise God for the precious people!  Okay.  For the folding too.

...for four seasons, all of which have unique beauty

...for playdates

...for homeschooling

...for an ample backyard

...for my oven and crockpot

...for oatmeal

...for sticky little hands grabbing my aged face, and looking at it with all the joy in the world.

...Goodnight, friends!  I'm thankful for you, too!

"To the end that my glory may sing praise to You and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give thanks to You forever."

Psalm 30:12

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