Friday, October 15, 2010

midday anti-insanity post

Time for a midday anti-insanity post.  My sweet, curious, fabulous toddler has her busy hands into something different about every thirty seconds today--leaving destruction in her wake.  Will she engage in Lego play with her industrious sister for five minutes--before plowing down the safety (not) gate and coming after Momma?

My gratitude list, because gratitude is the answer to every bad day, every dilemma, every impossible circumstance:

- the oatmeal cookie bars now baking in the oven (yes, we bake a lot--I have to keep the food budget reasonable, so only pretzels are purchased in the way of snacks)

- the tasty crockpot navy bean soup we had for lunch

- the beautiful fall leaves raining down on us, coloring our lawn brilliant

- clean drinking water

- my washer and dryer, to take care of the muddy clothes generated by rainy day play

- the Bible, to point out the high road, the road less traveled, the only road worth traveling

- this post, on a day I wonder if I've married the wrong person, and this post preceding it

- and this post, on a day I know I need to be a blessing to my husband, but don't have the will

- for the headaches that won't quit--for they remind me that I don't have cancer and my eyes, my ears and all my limbs work

- for the love of four precious children and one faithful husband

Through each day the LORD pours his unfailing love upon me, and through each night I sing his songs, praying to God who gives me life.
Psalm 42:8


Sandi said...

Gratitude.....SO helpful to say (type) it aloud.

We have started using a dry erase board to record our thanks in a week. I like watching the kids walk by and add something of their own to the board. We also record them into our gratitude journal.

Thanks for reminding me today to say them aloud and not just keep them in my head.

Blessings to you

Laura said...

Oh, I DO agree! Gratitude changes everything, doesn't it? I love your list, Christine. Maybe I need to do the mid-day anti-insanity post? Might drive me crazy :)