Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A beautiful day

My gratitude list:

- My baby is still a baby for 38 more days.  When she's two, what will I do?  Yikes!

- My seven-year-old birthday boy said of his birthday, "This was my best day ever!"  Praise God!

- My house is clean, notwithstanding the vacuum cleaner that keeps spitting out the dirt.  Husband took it apart tonight, so I'll give it a try tomorrow.  Perhaps it doesn't like leaves?  Who knows!  Anyhow, my house is clean. That's the blessing part!

- The chocolate birthday cake was delicious.  Every time I make this cake, I'm astounded by how good it is.  Really.  I've given it to you before, but I know most people don't have time to click on links.  Come back for this link when you have time.  It really is a delightful cake.  And simple.  What in the world was I doing using a cake mix for most of my life?  Oh, how I wish someone had told me!  There really is a difference!

- Auntie Lorrie always brings the children their Christmas present during her November visit.  They had a wonderful night.  We all did.  Pics coming tomorrow.

- Lorrie is people-oriented and I am task-oriented.  In fact, it doesn't even occur to her to take her dinner plate to the kitchen.  Even when I was eight months pregnant and trying to make Thanksgiving dinner with swollen feet and veins, she did not help.  She always plays with the kids.  Not surprisingly, the first ten years of our relationship, there was strain--typical in-law strain.  She is basically my only in-law, because husband's mother died in an accident when he was sixteen, and there isn't a relationship with his father.  I explained that situation in my previous blog, but haven't touched on it here.  Anyhow, Lorrie and I simply didn't understand each other.  When she would visit, I always felt like Cinderella.  Everybody else had loads of fun.  For the longest time, I thought her behavior very rude.  Now that I understand her natural bent, and my own, I can let it all go and appreciate her.

I can't tell you exactly how she feels now, but I think seeing how much work the children are time and again, along with the meals and laundry, she now understands that unless I stay on my toes, the family isn't well cared for. She understands and appreciates me more now, too.

For my part, I have to be mindful that task-oriented mothers need to try very hard to make time for their children.  Whatever a mother's bent, her children need her presence.  Depending on the child's specific love language, some more than others.

I encourage you, if you have difficulty with an in-law, to consider how God made that person.  Is she (or he) a Martha and you are a Mary?  Or vice versa? They can't help their natural tendencies anymore than you can.  Just something to chew on.

More tomorrow, friends.  Many more blessings.

Love to all!

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Sandi said...

Have the chocolate cake in the oven right now...I didn't have cake I used half sauce flour and spelt. And I only had one square of chocolate so I replaced the other 2 squares with 3TSP cocoa and 1 TSP of butter each. Will let you know how it turns out. It looks awesome in the oven right now.
The kids said "why are we having chocolate cake?"....just because!

Thanks for the recipe.