Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flood yourself with grace, Momma

As moms, we too often focus on the ways we fall short.

That grace we were reaching for in the witching hours?  We didn't quite get there.

The nagging--which, if you'll permit me a generalization, probably occurs more frequently in homes with boys--gets on everyone's nerves.  And yet, doing it all for them--picking up wet towels, socks, shoes, dirty clothes--only prolongs their dependence.   What's a mother to do?  We strive for a calm, quiet reminding voice, but inevitably, by midday, our calmness dissipates.

Our self-esteem often plummets with our calmness.

Let me take a moment to remind you, and me, why we need to look upon ourselves with grace in this season..  My sister-in-law is visiting as you know, and my husband noted this morning that she desperately needs a break from the kids, which I'm sure is true.  She arrived Tuesday at 3 p.m. Today is Thursday.

It sometimes takes a visitor's reaction to domestic Mommy life to remind us how long and hard we work, pouring ourselves out, with no break.  Most people thrown into our situation could. not. handle. it.  In fact, God rarely throws someone into domestic child-rearing life suddenly.  We grow our families slowly, and as the craziness multiplies, so does our patience, skill, and tolerance.  Praise the Lord!

But in all of it, we lose sight of this:  This domestic Mommy gig is the hardest, longest job of all.  Caring for aging parents is hard too, but generally not as long.  Grace, Momma.  Flood yourself with it today.

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