Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Bring You Holiday Songwriting

This time of year my boys try their hand at songwriting. I'm so tickled it's all I can do to avoid squeezing the stuffing out of their precious little selves.

Paul's Christmas Songs

The Son That's Born

O the Son that's born
O the Son that's born
We give you all the glory
We give you all the glory

We love you
You love us
You are incredable!

O we come to pray for you
We give you gold, fankkies, mur
Gold, fankkies, mur

You are our King
You are our King

Joy to the World

Joy to the world
Jesus is born
He is alive!
We sing and praise Him

Joy to the world
Jesus is alive
He is the Savior!
Joy to the world!

Peter's Christmas Song  (underscores are for longer notes)

Jesus Is Born

Jesus is born
O yes Jesus i_s born
He is here
We love je_sus

He is here
He is here
O yes he i_s he-re
We love Jesus

Peter's Thanksgiving Songs

Song 1

Decorrat the tabol for thanks_giving!
O we love thanks_giving!

But do not forget the tur_keys, tur_keys
O we love tur_keys

Us tur_keys never forget the hunters!
My we are scared of hunters!

O we do not love hunters!
We love the tur_keys!

Song 2

We are tur_keys, tur_keys
We are not here for living
We are here for thanksgiving
We will make your thanksgiving a sucses

Tur_keys, tur_keys
We are tur_keys
But we beware hunters, hunters
Thank us not for that

I gues that setols it!

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Sandi said...

So sweet.

Happy Thanksgiving!