Thursday, November 10, 2011

Out Of My League

A good friend e-mailed me, asking if I wanted the contact information for her college friend, whose 3-year-old daughter has JRA.

I said yes, but I sat on the information for a while. Finally, today, I e-mailed her friend, asking about arthritis flares. What causes them? Can I prevent them?

The Internet couldn't help me with this question.

I'm shy. Did I ever mention that? Writing a complete stranger doesn't appeal to me. But neither does too little information.

Ask my husband. Information arms me. To a fault. He doesn't understand how anyone could love research. I never actually said I loved it, mind you. He declared that. And I admit it's true. I'm a research junky.

The reply was very quick. From a Blackberry. She was very outgoing, nice and gracious. She wrote a few paragraphs, then asked if I could call her...she'd love to help me figure out the JRA maze. Or was I on Facebook?

Oh, boy, I thought. She writes me from a Blackberry--I type this word as though I know what a Blackberry is, do you notice that--and asks me if I'm on Facebook.

I'm out of my league. In the second e-mail--still very gracious, interested, and out-going (Did I mention I'm shy?)--she said I could call her or text her.

Text her?

Do people actually have conversations on Facebook, or just post things? I didn't know it was like e-mail. Come to think of it, if it's like e-mail, then, well, what's wrong with just using e-mail? Why is e-mail out of vogue?

And isn't texting like e-mail? I've never done it, but isn't it just typing a message to someone? Who wants to type one-fingered, using keys so tiny, I can barely make contact with them, let alone see them with my forty-plus eyes? Why is this in vogue?

So, if texting is like e-mail, only harder, then...what's wrong with e-mail?

Don't even get me started on ipads, ipods, iphones, and Kindles (what's wrong with books? Is turning pages out of vogue?).

Did I leave any i-thing out? And are ipads and ipods actually phones? Or is the iphone the only phone?  If you have an ipod or ipad or Blackberry, do you still need a cell phone? Or are they out of vogue?

I clearly don't belong in this era.

To be continued....little one keeps waking up. My topic wasn't going to be technology, interestingly enough.


Margie said...

Oh you make me laugh. I understand your confusion with the technology though, sometimes even I can't keep up and I have a very tech savvy hubby. I live in a Mac world. I have liked using them since my professional days. To help out a bit, an iPad is a bit like a mini computer, an iPod can play music and games, neither is a phone. The iPhone can be a phone, used for internet, and be a music player and has a fairly descent camera as well. Some of this info may have changed since they released the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S. Facebook is easy for me since I have friends and family spread out all over the place. I am able to post updates, post pictures, e-mail and instant message and it keeps everyone all in one place. I think e-mail is still used quite a bit, at least that is what I see from hubby's work life. FB is used more for social purposes. I do not see why you would want to used that for work. Anyway, that is my two cents. I was forced to update my phone last year so I got a crash course in technology then. Hope this helps, hugs to you and don't let this stress you out. For what it is worth, I am very shy too, and would much rather text or e-mail someone I don't know that to call.

Christine said...

Thank you, Sweet Margie! This helps. :)