Monday, November 7, 2011

When You Want More Of Something

My husband made a couple decisions lately that have changed our everyday reality. First, he increased our church giving. Next, he sponsored a child from El Salvador. 

Have you noticed I haven't whined about car repairs in recent weeks? There haven't been any. God blessed my husband's faith and obedience.

If you want more of something, give it away, whether it's time, money, love, doesn't matter. If you want or need more, give. It not only changes the numbers, it changes the heart.

Compassion Bloggers will be in Ecuador November 8 - 12. Compassion's staff in Ecuador recently wrote a blog post on the country's ministry. Below, I've excerpted one small part. The article is excellent--comprehensive and most helpful.

Here are the main challenges in the region, as detailed in the blog post:

Unique Challenges

One challenge we face in Ecuador is the high number of broken families. Many mothers are head of their home, and many fathers have multiple homes and families. This results in even more extreme poverty as the fathers cannot provide for multiple households.

Poverty often leads to abuse, and many women are victims of abuse from the men in their lives. Many children in Ecuador are being raised in this environment, which interferes with healthy development particularly with their sense of confidence and self-esteem.

Other challenges in Ecuador are a the lack of job opportunities, low quality of education, lack of access to adequate health care, an increase in the number of child workers, and child abuse in homes and other environments.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

Can you use your prayer jar for these requests this week and month?  Thank you!

Pray for:

- blogger team unity and safety (it's jungle out there, literally, with big bugs and snakes)

- for many hearts to be changed by the exposure to abject poverty

- for many children to gain sponsors who will faithfully write to them.

- for strengthened, intact family units in Ecuador 

- for an end to child abuse, and abuse of mothers

- for the Holy Spirit to grab hold of the impoverished men, and release them from Satan's grip.

- that all following, including our children, will develop hearts rich in gratitude. These trips are a great discipling tool!

Here is the blogger team, all alumni, which includes Ann Voskamp and her husband, The Farmer. 

As you read this week's posts, remember, if you want more of something, give it away.

Compassion Bloggers: Ecuador 2011

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