Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Laugh Until You Cry Today

Boo Mama, who went to Uganda with Compassion Bloggers a few years ago, doesn't like nature. Understatement. She wrote the funniest post back in 2008 about a night she spent in her Ugandan lodge. I'm not familiar with Boo Mama's blog, but I found this link recently on both Shaun's and Ann's blogs. Boo Mama is with them this week in the jungle of Ecuador (featuring humongous snakes and spiders the size of dinner plates), so they posted this to give us a giggle.

I laughed until I cried. You need this today.

Miss Beth's arthritis is flaring, so I really, really needed a giggle today. Initially, I was optimistic about her diagnosis, because so much of the literature is optimistic. But as we live this and I see the medication give her only modest relief, I grieve anew. This is a long haul with no guarantees. I was hoping she wouldn't need anything stronger than the naproxen. Now, I wonder what the doctor will say next week, as she evaluates Beth's month-long progress on the naproxen.

I will step back here this week to give thanks, but otherwise take a break.


Jess said...

girl, we are praying for your sweet girl.

and thanks for the laugh! :) that sophie girl, she has a way with story telling.

love & blessings to you.

Sandi said...

That was funny!

Praying for you and her! Try not to think too far down the road. It only makes the struggle worse and today is where they need you most. Mercy and grace will greet you again tomorrow morning.

(((Big hugs))

Margie said...

Hilarious! After the days I have had these last few days, I sure needed that! Praying for your sweet little one and you.