Monday, August 2, 2010

counting them on a Monday

- blond ringlet curls, bouncing down her back

- the late Hugh Lofting, whose Dr. Dolittle books teach my children about history and culture, effortlessly

- genuine, tight hugs from my sweet nineteen-month-old.  How does she know when I need them most?

- a sweet Sunday school teacher in the six-year-old room.  Paul reports, "My teacher is really nice."  I agree and give thanks.

- a baby gobbling up California-mix steamed veggies, and asking for more

- hearing laughter from the kiddy pool

- God calming my panicky, nearly-teary self, after Bank of America calls me to say foreclosure status starts Sept. 1.  I was alone with the kids--crying just won't do (nowhere to hide).

- childhood and its carefree days (relatively speaking).

-- food in the cupboard and fridge

--Even though my credit rating here on earth will now go south, I can give thanks for a free gift from Him.  Eternal life!  For every class of people, rich or poor.  No down payments, no late fees, no penalties, and no loan origination fees will be collected.  Hallelujah!


Jess said...

wishing i was there to give you a hug or a moment alone to cry...without little eyes watching! i'll be praying God intervenes between now and sept 1 with another miracle to keep the house from going into foreclosure. sending love and prayers! (love the earlier pictures from your outing at the state park. looks like a good time for all :))

Liz said...

Praying for God to intervene before 9/1!

Margie said...

Oh no, I will be praying for you my friend. Thinking of you and your sweet family.

Sandi said...

Love your list. Thanks in the midst of hard stuff and struggle is (I believe) sweet to Him. It's easier to be thankful when we have all we need.
I will pray about the house. It is such pressure to live under..all the unknown feels like torture at times.I hear you about the credit rating too. We walked through many years of living with that and it's not easy but doable.

Anyway, cyber hugs and prayers

Michelle said...

I am sorry you're having to deal with the stresses, but I will pray for intervention if it is His will.