Monday, August 9, 2010


Sweet things that need to be recorded:

Mary, during a bike ride:  "Mommy, my knees are out of breath.  Can I have the water bottle?"  After drinking she added, "Water gives me more breath, Mommy."

Daddy is with us for two or three dinners per week.  Monday is one of those nights.  I was out of meat, so I made whole-wheat pancakes with blueberries and some fried eggs/cheese omelet (for more protein).

Paul said the blessing:  "Dear Jesus, thank you for everything you do.  Thank you that Daddy could be with us tonight to share this wonderful meal."

His prayer touched me because it blessed Daddy so much, and because it included the word "wonderful" in reference to a meal I prepared.  Paul is my picky eater so for him to call a meal wonderful is really a blessing!

Kids and their pancakes!  A happy combination!

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