Friday, August 13, 2010

day two

Today, Thursday, was our day to get out of the house so Daddy could sleep (after working graveyard).  However, instead of doing something fun, I took the children to a thrift store.  They'd been uncooperative with the morning routine, and I'd warned them to expect errands on every uncooperative Thursday.

They were very good in the store.  Charming, even.  Very helpful.  At one point they ooed and aaahed, ever so sweetly, over a beautiful ankle-length spring party dress (or Easter dress).

Peter:  "Mommy!  We found a party dress for you!  It's a beautiful gown! You've got to see this!"

Momma, amused, still looking through racks:  "Oh?  Really?  I'm coming.  Do you know of any parties I can go to?"

They ooed and aaahed animatedly enough that several shoppers were charmed and amused at them for looking out for their Momma.  A party dress indeed!  It was beautiful, by the way.  And although they declared it was just my size,  they were wrong.  Size 8 girls--although it would certainly have to be a tall eight-year-old!

A couple shoppers told me I was a lucky Momma!

Yes indeed!  

This particular Goodwill was in a middle-class area, as opposed to yesterday's upper-middle class location.  I have to look harder here to find the new or hardly-worn garments.

These photos were taken at night, so they are poorer quality.  Also, the garments are pretty wrinkled, which makes them look older.  Oh, well.  Hopefully you get the idea.

LEFT;  Circo shorts, in excellent condition.  These are a 3T.  I also have this pair of shorts in a 12-month size, so I know they work well with small-waisted girls.

RIGHT:  Faded Glory warm pullover.  (It will fade quickly, but it was only a dollar and it is warm and hardly worn)

LEFT:  Carter's pajamas, good condition

RIGHT:  Children's Place 24 months jeans.  Wrinkled here, poor picture, but they are in excellent condition.

LEFT:  24 months dress for church, excellent condition, label removed.  She might be able to wear it next Easter.  We'll see how tall she gets.

RIGHT:  OshKosh denim jumper with embroidered flowers near the bottom, excellent condition

LEFT:  Sonoma Lifestyles navy blue cords for church

RIGHT:  Disney Cars T-shirt

LEFT:  Faded Glory soft cotton dress, new condition.  Eventual fading won't affect garment as much, due to the light color.

RIGHT:  Covington corduroy jumper with embroidered flowers, new condition

LEFT:  Prospirit warm hoodie, new condition

RIGHT:  2T jeans from Children's Place (already pictured)

LEFT:  Cherokee white sweater for wearing over spring dresses  (I have this same sweater in a smaller size, which Mary wore this year)

RIGHT:  Covington brown cords for church, new condition

LEFT:  Jeanie Bleu sweater, very good condition (matches perfectly with the teal cords I pictured yesterday.)

RIGHT:  jumping beans hoodie, which also matches the teal cords purchased yesterday, excellent condition

We also found three pairs of winter gloves/mittens, and a size 10 pair of snow boots for Mary (for this year or next).

Total clothing cost:  24$ (for 14 clothing items and one pair of boots)

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Terri Tiffany said...

Wow! You did awesome!! We had that kind of day too on Weds, We had a free coupon for chicken at ChickFilet and ate our lunch in the car with our water and then I had $20 in Kohls money and bought hubby too shirts for three dollars:)