Saturday, August 21, 2010

all things for good

I used to think not having transportation would be unbearable.  The mere thought of it frightened me.

Well wouldn't you know?  God allowed that very thing to happen.  And it isn't frightening at all.  It isn't miserable. Challenging sometimes, but not miserable.

Yesterday on the way back from the park, six-year-old Paul said, out of the blue:

"I've had a really great summer."

First of all, I was blessed.  Then, I was flabbergasted to hear this, since we really haven't done much.  Like, almost nothing, outside of parks and the library

And today, as we hung out together all day by ourselves (Daddy at school, then away for long hours of work), six-year-old Paul said, out of the blue:

"I've had a really good time with my family today.  This is grace."

I've never heard him use the word "grace" before.  Not sure what he meant, exactly, by using that word, but I got the main message.

He enjoys being with his family. 

As I reflected, I knew.  I knew why he was so blessed by his summer.

It's simply this:  We haven't done much!  

Being busy is no blessing.  Being together, unhurried, is!

What did we do this summer?

We did togetherness!   Because we had no transportation!

And my son is right.  It has been awesome!

Whatever your circumstances, know that God is working all things for your good.  You can't see it, perhaps.  But in time, he will show you.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

Photos from our "just hanging out"  day.  I put the baby down for a nap midday, and when I came back out of her room, I saw the playroom in this state.  The older three were having a ball, building a train village.  The large puzzle pieces and the deck of cards make up the walkway for the "train people".

They were so excited by their train town that I didn't have the heart to say, "Make sure you clean all that up when you're done."  

But, I was thinking about clean up time, and how they were going to feel overwhelmed by the mess.  And later, there was some ugliness when clean up time came, but in the end my older one calmed down and they did a terrific clean up job.

When  Miss Beth awoke from her nap, they gated her out of the playroom so she wouldn't ruin their train town.  Trouble is, they ruined the tension gate by stepping on it too many times.  It's now almost worthless.  When Miss Beth wants to, she bangs it down easily.  This time though, she was content to stay out of the playroom for awhile and "help" Mommy with laundry and stuff.

The children were excited to find that they brought home more than just the one large Monarch caterpillar.  Some baby ones hitched a ride on the milkweed leaves.  We'll have to let a couple of them go on some milkweed plants near our home.  Little ones don't do well in captivity.

I kissed Beth's knee boo boo.  She followed that by giving her own knee a kiss!  Practicing to be a gentle, loving Momma?

She ends every meal with food in her hair and all over this and that.  I have to warm up a clean washcloth and wipe her thoroughly down after breakfast and lunch, knees included.  After dinner, which seems to be the messiest, I carry her directly to the bathtub.

Other notable things include Momma's trip outside to take out the trash.  Husband is very good about remembering trash day.  Roughly twice a year, he forgets.  Last week was one of those weeks, so today when I went to put our trash out, I was shocked to find maggots crawling over the top of the bags and over the inside of the lid.  I screamed and ran in the house, calling for Peter to come quickly.

Momma, frantically:  "Peter!  There were maggots on the trash outside.  Do I have any on me?  (He was way too casual about looking.  Because he was rather amused at me.)  "Peter, please look at me!"

Peter:  "I don't see anything.  How many were there?"

Momma:  "Tons!"

Peter goes out to check out the situation, while I strip down to bra and panties, frantically shaking out my clothes and hair.  There was nothing.  But still, I washed my arms and hands thoroughly, and picked another outfit.  

Peter comes back in to tell me there were only about sixteen maggots.  

Peter:  "Aren't you acting a little crazy?  Boy, it really is true that girls don't like bugs!  They're only these white larva things that turn into flies."

Momma:  "Peter, you don't understand!  Maggots are about the worst creature around!"

Three-year-old Mary:  "But I thought lions were the worst creature."  

P.S.  I do think this will be the last time I mention maggots.


TerraD said...
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TerraD said...

Have you signed up with your local freecycle group? People are always asking for and receiving baby stuff (among many other things) on my local group. It's a great way to get used stuff that people don't want to send to the landfill. Hope that helps!

Christine said...

Thank you, Terra. I'll definitely look into it!

Sandi said...

Love the new blog look and all the pictures.

It is the simple things isn't it. I don't like the mess either :o)A learning curve gor me... for sure.