Thursday, August 12, 2010

a fashion show

I escaped to a thrift store for 90 minutes yesterday morning.  I'm behind on my thrifting for fall!  Normally by mid-August I have all of the fall things purchased, except for maybe nighttime sleepers.

The Lord was with me!  Here are pics of what I found!  

Try some thrifting before you do any fall shopping.  You might just end up with better wardrobes than if you spent $600 at regular retail.  You'll see why below. 

I always find a matching shirt or sweater (or two or three) to go with what I purchase.  Sometimes it won't happen during the same trip, but within a few trips, the perfect accompaniment finds its way into my hands.  Praise the Lord!

Gymboree embroidered cords,  magenta pink (they look red in this picture for some reason)
like new

Butterfly skirt - Children's Place 
Appears to be brand new

Soft and feminine tee with ruffling - Children's Place Label 
Appears to be brand new

Sonoma Lifestyles warm shirt ( from J.C. Penney)
Brand new, store tags still attached

Genuine Sonoma warm T-shirt (from J.C. Penney)
flawless condition

Rustler black denin
good used condition, minimal fading (slightly in knees)

Vibes thick warm sweats
washed/worn a few times, color still excellent

Old Navy warm T-shirt
Appears to be brand new

Russell Athletic warm sweatshirt
washed/worn a few times, color still excellent

OshKosh flower-embroidered cords
Made to look slightly faded, seem brand new

Barbie black cords
seem new

okie-dokie brown cords (from J.C.Penney)
seem brand new

Oshkosh embroidered cords
new-used condition

Sonoma pink flowered Tee, long-sleeved
like new

jumping beans cropped pants for spring/summer
like new

Children's Place skort
wrinkled in picture, but like new, thick, warm material, could be worn with winter tights and a sweater

Circo skort in khaki, light weight for summer
faded a bit

Canyon River Blues twill pants
Looks much more faded in this picture than it truly is.

Lee jeans
Knees still look excellent on this pair.

okie-dokie teal cords with ruffled hem
Like new

Cherokee velvet pants (all the pants I buy have adjustable waists)
Like new.  They look a little gaudy in this picture--color is really a soft pastel pink.  Looks peach in this picture.  I have a feminine sweater in mind to pair with these.

miniwear jeans in 2T
Like new

Jean jumper with embroidery on the word "flowers"
This garment is the only one with a Faded Glory label (Walmart's Label)
If not for thrift stores, all our clothes would say Faded Glory!

And the worst thing about Faded Glory clothes is that they fade terribly after a couple washings.  This jumper  held up well.

Grand total for these 23 garments?  34$  Yes, that's right folks.  34$

Go to the nearest upper-middle class area and find yourself a thrift store.  You won't be sorry!

Richer people have a lot of clothes, and the little girls don't wear out their things.  They must have so many that each one only gets worn a few times.

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