Tuesday, August 17, 2010

sometimes, a discipline

Have you forgiven me yet for writing about maggots?  Thank you, if the answer is yes.  :)

Tonight I'm here to count blessings.

Sometimes I count blessings out of overflowing gratitude, during which the words spill over faster than I can type.  And then there are times, like tonight, when I count them as a discipline.

I find that mounting frustrations, emotional exhaustion, and feeling out of control are all remedied by recalling and writing about sweet moments and sweet blessings.  Afterwards, my spirit is light and free, as though by counting my blessings I've also laid my burdens at the Lord's feet.  I'm learning that writing is a part of my devotional life, connecting me with my Savior late at night when all is quiet.

- I find Kristin from We Are That Family to be a blessing.  That video she posted about Maureen?  It further changed my life, even more so than her several posts about her March, 2010 Compassion International Kenya visit.  I want every American child to see that video so they can learn from an early age to consume less and give more.  In order to give, we don't need a lot of money.  We just have to consume less in goods and services.  Givers not consumers.  It's a process, surely.  But let's teach this next generation that being able to afford something doesn't mean we should have it.  How many starving children would have a meal, if we didn't buy it?

- The weather has cooled and we are back to our daily walk/bike ride.  82 degrees with low humidity is a blessing!

- We've had two swallowtail butterflies come out of chrysalises this week.  Two more to go, if our three-year-old Mary doesn't get too curious and knock them down.  Daddy has been successful at taping them back up with scotch tape, believe it or not.

- I had patience for the most part tonight, despite my two girls taking forever to fall asleep.  You can create calming routines, make environments conducive to sleep, and be consistent, but still, kids don't always fall asleep when you want them to.  Summer has been difficult that way. My nerves were shot tonight, but I called on God for help and he was faithful to keep me calm.

- Having virtually no disposable income really teaches an American the difference between a want and a need.  You'd think this would be self-explanatory, but for American culture it isn't.  I'm thankful for the hands-on education, both for me and for my children.

- Peter's homeschooling portfolio appointment is tomorrow morning, bright and early.  I think the teacher with whom I'm meeting will be a blessing.  Nevertheless, I wish we lived in a state with no requirements!  I'd rather school differently, but there is pressure to have enough samples here in Ohio.  The teacher, at my request, is going to give me some suggestions for moving closer to an unschooling model.  She works with diverse families and will be able to give good advice.  I would like to use a math and english (writing mechanics, spelling) curriculum, but go our own way on everything else.

- I'm thankful that when one of my girls is out of sorts, all I have to do is scoop her up, head to the rocker, and sing "Row Your Boat" as we rock together.

I'd better get those samples put together.  Good night, friends!

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