Tuesday, January 11, 2011

don't evaluate on the fourth week

Post Script to the previous post:

Do not try to evaluate your marriage, or any other aspect of your life, in the fourth week of your menstrual cycle.  Indeed, mark it on the calendar as a reminder.  No evaluating this week!

My dear husband, with whom I have very little conversation these days due to his work hours, said to me while we spoke for five minutes in the bathroom the other day:

Husband:  "Honey, we really need to get together and talk about ways you can be happier in this marriage."

Me:  "What are you talking about?  Honey, I love you very much.  I'm happy with you and everything about my life. It's just keeping up with the house right now that rattles me to the core.  And that's just a season, I realize."

This conversation occurred about three days after the hormonal upheaval ended.  This didn't dawn on me until I'd finished my last sentence.

Do I clue him in, or just let it go?

"I know it gets confusing Honey, and I'm sorry.  I was having the "Adam and Eve curse of childbirth" angst last week, remember?"

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Jess said...

:) made me smile

and do i ever relate to the house rattling me to my core as well. drives me nut-so! :)

thanks again for the smile