Saturday, January 15, 2011

a tragedy needing prayer

I came across this post about a three-year-old who died five hours after a heavy dresser crushed his head into the concrete floor. Oh, please pray!  This happened on December 12th, and the mother continually goes over in her mind how she could have done things differently that night. Prayers will help restore peace in her heart.

The father, in deciding whether to buy the dresser, stood on it and other things to make sure it was sturdy enough to withstand a toddler's abuse. They had put their TV on it because it was the sturdiest piece of furniture they owned.

Furniture can be so dangerous!


Andrew & Terri said...

I just read this story this morning and I am looking online for furniture straps now. We have been far too complacent. Such a heartbreaking story!!

Terri Tiffany said...

Oh this breaks my heart especially since I have a three-year-old grandson and have already warned my daughter of things like this. With bigger TVs and all, it can happen. So sad for this family:(
It is good to hear from you again! I'm glad to see you are doing well:)