Monday, January 3, 2011


I am thankful for..... mercies every morning in my marriage.  Whatever was wrong yesterday is okay today.

...a day of full sun.

...a day of no turmoil of any kind.

...after school husband was able to come home for four hours, due to one of his part-time jobs being off for the day.  He took all four kids to the library and to the park so that I could catch up on folding and putting away laundry.  I love that man!  And God's grace!

...having a good attitude about the six hours it took me to catch up on laundry!

...filling out seven pages of medical history on Peter in preparation for tomorrow's neurology appointment, without one error.  I usually, due to impatience, get ahead of the questions and fill out my address on the wrong line, or my first name before my last name, etc.  Tomorrow, I won't look like an idiot!

...everyone around the table for dinner tonight.

...Jack Black, the hamster, who is still winning hearts around here.  What a nice little guy!  He never comes close to nipping and he's a good sport about going through all the mazes and other inventions the boys concoct for him. husband's hair. little girls' curls. online friends.  You are such an encouragement!

...taco bake.

...cradling a nursing baby in my arms and staring at her beautiful skin and hair, as she drifts off to sleep

...the time spent cuddling--and praying for each child's future spouse--as I do the tuck-in rounds at night. mercies every morning with my children.  They love me unconditionally, which I don't deserve, because I nag incessantly about their jackets not hung up, clothes not put away, pee not deposited properly in the toilet (boys), wiping their mouths on their shirts (what's up with that?  We have napkins!), not putting away their crayons, games, trains, coloring books, school books, library books, towels, shoes, hats, mittens.  Phew!  Long nag list.

...the way my two year old gets excited about spitting time after tooth brushing.  She's a proud spitter, though no toothpaste is used yet!

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