Thursday, January 20, 2011

more midday anti-insanity

My spirit is low.  Son's AD/HD-related anger scares me in my own home. God, hear my prayer! Heal at least the anger, if nothing else!

When a problem has no solution......gratitude must prevail all the more.  I am thankful for....

- snow, beautiful snow, clothing lifeless, dormant trees.....reminding me of God's provision

- grace to move forward, doing the next thing, when all I really want to do is cry

- chocolate chips

- washer, dryer, could be so much harder without those blessings

- a Veggie Tale movie from the library, enabling me to take this short anti-insanity break

- books, which keep my affected son calm and quiet for two to three hours a day (he devours them!)

- soft baby skin to kiss

- more to add later....toddler is now awake

1 comment:

Sandi said...

It is so hard sometimes. Dealing with anger, aggression and also the obsessions is exhusting at best. There are stats that talk about prison, difficult life, addiction issues but if I may love you from afar.....I would just put those things out of your head. He is safe now and those years are so far removed from right now....and right now has so much going on already. :o) Big hug. So wish we lived closer.

And please know any suggesstions are motivated out of the shear helplessness I feel to be of any real help. Is there any community services for you guys? Some one who could help with some coping/self regulation skills for him and you guys. Does your doctor have any suggestions? Are the last meds not working? maybe I have it mixed up but I remember you talking about trying something new. Anyway, if this is all too private to answer here we can do email.

Praying for you and him, work issues the whole nine yards. Asking for strength for today friend.