Sunday, May 8, 2011

on this Mother's Day

I really am taking a blog break this week, but I couldn't let Mother's Day go by without extending heartfelt wishes to you all, for a wonderful day!  You provide loving support to me always, and I'm grateful. Happy Mother's Day!

I have a Mother's Day message, of sorts, to offer.

Sometimes many things converge at once, making mothering especially grueling.  If you're without much support, the fatigue--both physical and emotional--can be great.  Lately I've felt that.

Nursing Beth to sleep tonight, I appealed to Him:

"How does anyone do this well, Lord?  Help me.  I'm drowning!"

What I heard back from Him was this:   Whatever measure you're willing to pour out, I'll give back to you manyfold.

How much then, am I willing to pour out?  Can I pour my whole self out, for these kids, for this husband?  Am I capable of selflessness?  Can I do it without going into rants and raves--even though my endless chore sweat is unappreciated?

How many times can I wipe the toilet after my sons.....reclean a floor minutes after mopping.....throw in another load of muddied shirts and jeans and jackets.....rehang clothes thoughtlessly rejected and thrown on the floor--after I've spent hours and hours, day and night, washing, drying, hanging and folding?  And all without a single thank you.

How can I remain cheerful when there's only more of the same to look forward to?

How can I call them back to fix their own mistakes--hang, wipe, fold--without condemnation?

Do I rant and rave and condemn because I don't want to repeat my hard work?  Or is that negative sentiment coming from a heart that longs to be appreciated?

His response changed me.  Instead of focusing on how hard and thankless it is, I can choose to focus on Him, and on the filling I've got coming.

 "Whatever measure you're willing to pour out, I'll give back to you manyfold."

No one can appreciate a mother, or love a mother, like the Lord can. We don't labor for our earthly families, really. 

We labor for Him, and through Him.

He doesn't give as the world gives.  There won't be a wrapped box of new pajamas, a box of chocolates, a dinner out.

He will daily refill our hearts will love, our bodies with endurance, our minds with parental wisdom.  He will give right now, for this day, and later too--showing us the fruits in our children, cultivated from our daily labor.

The right now may be an affirming voice:  "I saw how you labored on that floor, and I am pleased.  Thank you."

It may be a filling of the Spirit, bringing immediate joy and energy.

It may be a kind comment from a child or husband, borne from the Holy Spirit in their heart.

I encourage you today, on this Mother's Day, to be in tune with Him.  Recognize that when you're frustrated, it's because you want to be appreciated--not because you want a reduction in workload.

Don't look to those around you for appreciation.

Look to HIM.


Liz said...

Always appreciate your perspective Happy Mother's Day!

Christine said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, too, dear Liz!