Wednesday, July 20, 2011

about those blog click stats

Just wanted to add something about blog statistics. I mentioned that only two people clicked on Kristin's Kenya story. I should add, for your comfort, that I don't know who clicks on what (and I wouldn't want to)--nor does any other blog author, unless they have some sophisticated equipment needed for crime solving, or whatever. I know little to nothing about technology.

Google blog stats show number of clicks, I assume, so blog authors will know what interests readers. Most stats seem to be designed for business blogs, or those containing advertisements or products. As such most of them are of little use to me. Interesting sometimes, but not very useful. And I write a knee-jerk, emotional kind of blog, so what people want to read doesn't usually figure in.

 I rarely have time to click on links, myself. When I sit down to read something during the day (or stand, as is often the case), I've usually got five minutes to spare. After the kids go to bed, I know that clicking on links means I probably won't get my dishes done, or my last laundry load shuffled. Dangerous.

So I know, first hand, why few moms click on links.

Another Random Topic

If I ever write a book before I die, I'm in trouble.  Publishers require you to push your own book nowadays, using blogs, Facebook and Twitter.  I'm so not a business woman.  I would abhor having to do this. Writing for magazines seems so much more appealing.

It'd be interesting to know whether self-promotion really works.  Ann Voskamp works very hard to push her book, while The Pioneer Woman, who has three books out, says very little on her blog about them, especially after publication release.  And yet both women are on the New York Times Bestseller lists for their genres.

Both women give generously to charity, so any self-promotion they do benefits the less fortunate. I find no fault in it.

Nevertheless, I hope publishers do away with the self-promotion requirement.  Not every author is also a savvy business person. Why not just ask them to picture the book on their blog, and provide a link for buying?

On a whim one day, I looked into submitting guest posts to (in)courage (a wonderful site, by the way). I found that you have to list your Twitter account, probably so they can see how many followers you have.

Is that what our society's been reduced to?  How many followers we have?

Insert eye roll here.


Sandi said...

you crack me up...not sure if it was intended to but it did. I agree with you about the social media aspect of writing. It boils down to popularity sometimes versus talent. They are two very different things. I have never wanted to have a big blog following partly because with it comes resposibility, not business but ministry wise in my opinion. My time is limited :o)

I didn't click on Kristin's link because I had already read it :o)

Christine said...

Yes, I think that is true, Sandi--about the responsibility. Ministry bloggers probably get a ton of e-mails they're obligated to go through. It would be very hard to focus on one's own family.

franzwa said...

This is only mthe second post or page I've read of your writings, and I think you have everything you need in you to write a book. And I hope you will. It seems you have so much to offer. I hope self promoting wouldn't stop you from writing a book. Perhaps you don't have to advertise as much. Just do what you are doing now and you'll be found eventually. That's how I found this page on Google. I just wanted to encourage you with that. But I'm going to go read some more of your stuff now. I like what you have to say. Thanks aging for posting for us.

Christine said...

Thank you for your very kind words, Franzwa!