Thursday, July 7, 2011

Drifting Away From God: A How-to Guide

Title: God

How do you drift away from God?  Let's count the ways.

~ Worry about your problems.  A lot.

~ Spend a great deal of time looking for solutions to your Google searches, ask the experts, read self-help books, make pro and con lists.  Be proactive and ready for anything.

~ When you're not busy solving your problems, go shopping and get new things. You deserve nice things.  You work hard.

~ Keep your distance from other people's problems and hardships.  You don't need that stuff dragging you down.  Besides, they probably made their bed.......let 'em lie in it now.

~ Keep up with all the news, the trends, the hotspots.  Be sure 'n look cool.  Be the trendsetter, even! 

~ Talk a lot.....on the phone, in person, through e-mail, through social media.  Let your voice be heard!

~ Schedule a lot of things and stay really busy.  Smart people are on the move. Yeah, baby!

~ Don't pay any attention to brightly dressed flowers, that funny chipmunk, those creepy crawly caterpillars, that songbird, those amazing cloud formations, that peachy pink sunset.  Such things will waste your time.  You aren't Ferdinand the Bull, after all......are you? What did he ever accomplish?

~ Consider that in this big world, with such diverse people, there can't really be Absolute Truth.  Everyone needs to find their own truth.  What works for you? What fits for you?  A loving existence rests in our willingness to be all-inclusive.

~ Purposely build yourself up.  Keep all eyes on you, baby!  Be the center of attention.  Tell about your amazing list of accomplishments.

~ Never say you're sorry.  Never admit defeat.  Never admit fault.  Stand strong and firm.  You are invincible.  Believe it!


Sandi said...

This made me chuckle in a serious kinda way. Love the humor in it but it makes the point :o) Good reminders.

Christine said...

Thank you, Sandi! Glad I can manage to be humorous once in a while. :) It's a hard thing for us serious introverts.