Friday, July 15, 2011

Tears of Hope

I just couldn't carve out any writing time last night.  That always discourages me.  Writing ministers to me, somehow.

The answers to the literary questions are posted in yesterday's comments. I'll have time to write an Author's Corner post soon--not that it matters so much, I know.

This morning, as one side of the french toast grilled, I read this.  It's the latest of Kristen Welsh's African updates.  Yes, her kidneys healed, and she just concluded her amazing time in Africa.  The last day brought buckets of tears.

Now I know why I had no writing time last night.  It was because God wanted her post to spread like wildfire, changing hearts everywhere.

Please read it.  It is so powerful (and not long at all--many pictures, fewer words).  I hesitate to copy and paste it here, as it contains pictures of her visit with one of her sponsored children.  Seems inappropriate to repost it here.

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