Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sock Puppet Tutorials

Multiple choice questions for you.  

1.  Why would I show you a picture of freshly laundered hats, mittens and scarves?

A.   I am pulling a Pioneer Woman move and offering a Cleaning-Out-My-Closet Giveaway.

B.   I wanted you to guess which items belong to which child.

C.   All the snow melted here, and these long-lost twenty pieces were found plastered to the soppy grass. 

Answer:  C  
The little people around here can't be bothered, apparently, to bring in their gear after romps in the snow.  This store of items accumulated outside over the last six weeks!

2.  Why would I show you a picture of this adorable, yet sadly mis-designed sock puppet Peter put together while I nursed Beth to sleep?

A.  My kids asked me to show it to you.

B.  I wanted to illustrate why we could be featured on the "Un-Crafty Crow".

C.  I spent forty-five minutes searching the Internet for directions on how to properly design a sock puppet.  Because I like you so much, I wanted to show you examples of both the proper and improper way to make yourself a child-delighting sock puppet.....just in case you're without a vehicle and in the house with four young kids, hours and days on end--meaning you're desperate for activities that don't involve them running through the house like wild hooligans.

Answer:  C

After my intensive study, I decided to follow this photo tutorial, involving a glue gun, an oval piece of cereal-box cardboard, and an oval piece of felt, to make a Kermit-the-Frog start for my children's awesome sock puppets. They get to do all the fun stuff--raiding my craft supply in the process!

Here are some decorating ideas and other tutorials:

The Lady from Sockholm sock puppet

Wikihow Make a Sock Puppet Video

Sock Puppets from Danielle's Place

If I, a very uncrafty mother, can do this, so can you!  It's a skill that will "bless the socks off" your kids for years to come!  Think of the possibilities! Puppetry, or any type of theatre, is a fun and very effective way to develop language skills in your children!  All ages will benefit.

Next week, we'll look at homemade puppet theatre possibilities!

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