Sunday, July 17, 2011

12 Reasons to Love Your Daughters

I love to write. It's soothing. It's cathartic. It's a window to the heart. After words flow free, and the last line is punctuated, I feel lighter.

But it's also complicated and messy, requiring hours, months, years, before true beauty emerges. Some say it's a craft, some say an art.

Blogging archives make it easy to look back at old work......and cringe.  Yes, all writers, professional or amateur, cringe at their old work. The 10,000 hour principal is at work here. The more you practice, the better you write.  So old stuff stinks, and new stuff rocks. And finally, after ten thousand hours, you're an expert. (Or so it's said.)

Last night I wrote something that made me cringe the next morning. Yet I didn't want to delete it. It contained something my heart felt, and something my mind knew. I wanted to share it. When the kids went with Daddy to the park, I spent some time trying to fix it. It was too long, too unclear, didn't use examples or anecdotes, contained too many ideas, and the title didn't fit.  I can spot good writing, but I can't always produce it in the time available to me.

After revisions, which I posted, I still hated it.

So, to ward off further frustration, I will post lists for a few days. It's hard to mess up lists. Every writer knows that and uses lists when other words and ideas won't flow.

Top 12 Reasons I Love My Girls

~ They cuddle with me a lot.

~ Their pretty hair smells divine.

~ The look in the mirror at their behinds, mimicking Mommy.

~ They have beautiful smiles.

~ They love to bake with me.

~ They love to boss their brothers, repeating whatever Mommy says.  "You're fooling around in there! Be done with your shower in three minutes!" (Okay, right now it's just the two year old doing this, in her less-than-perfect enunciation of the English language.)

~ They are so sensitive, you have to speak sweetly to get the best results.

~ They always want to do it themselves. The boys are happy to be served.

~ Some day, Lord willing, I'll be able to hold their babies for hours, while they catch up on the house. Sometimes I think I was born to hold babies.

~ They are as gentle as they are stubborn.

~ When they put on a dress, they feel special.

~ They love their Daddy.  So do I.

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