Saturday, August 27, 2011

Library Gems

I went off to my local library today, in search of literary gems suggested in the spiritual section of Gladys Hunt's Honey For A Child's Heart, The Imaginative Use of Books in Family Life. With my two-year-old in tow, looking for a specific book proved quite challenging. Instead, I grabbed a handful of books that looked interesting, happening to find two of Ms. Hunt's suggestions, quite by accident. She suggests Prayer For A Child, featured below, as well as Psalm Twenty-Three, also featured below. All the others are wonderful too, though not mentioned in her book! Enjoy!

The Ancient World of the Bible

This is a wonderful Bible companion!  It shows artifacts, ancient maps, detailed time lines, and interesting facts revealing the customs and daily lives of various people of ancient times. Truly fascinating for ages 6 to adult. (14 x 9, 76 pages)

The Illustrated Children's Old Testament

The Illustrated Children's Old Testament, Paintings by Bill Farnsworth, 1993.
Written in fairly large print at about a third- or fourth-grade level, this beautifully illustrated book serves as a read aloud, or as a devotional tool for young readers. (Big and heavy, with171 pages)

Daniel in the Lions' Den: A Bible Story (age range 5 to 8)

Daniel in the Lion's Den, Retold and Illustrated by Jean Marzollo, author of 130 books, including the award-winning I Spy series. Her Amazon author's page is here. She's written several Bible story books, including David and Goliath, Ruth and Naomi, Jonah and the Whale, and Miriam and Her Brother Moses.

When Jean Marzollo heard this story as a child, she wondered how the angel shut the lions' mouths so that they couldn't harm Daniel. She uses her imagination to retell the story to include what she thinks happened in the cave. Delightful retelling!

Prayer for a Child by Rachel Field: Book Cover

Prayer For A Child, By Rachel Field, Illustrated by Elizabeth Orton Jones
Written in 1941, this precious book won The Caldecott Medal for its illustrations. One look inside and you'll fall in love! I swooned over every picture. And the prayer is quite a gem too.  A few sentences a page, appropriate for ages 3-7.

Psalm Twenty-Three   -     
        Illustrated By: Tim Ladwig

Psalm Twenty-Three, Illustrated by Tim Ladwig
Against the backdrop of an inner city, Tim Ladwig makes this Psalm come alive with rich illustrations, providing children insight into the meaning

.The Lord's Prayer  -     
        By: Tim Ladwig

The Lord's Prayer, Illustrated by Tim Ladwig
A young girl and her father help an elderly neighbor, illustrating the meaning of the Lord's Prayer as they love her with their actions. I loved the sweetness, the simplicity, the truth....made me get tears in my eyes.


Laura said...

So many good resources! Thank you, Christine.

Andrew & Terri said...

Does your library have an online catalog/hold system? I have taken to going online the night before library day, selecting a group of books that I want, and placing them on hold. Then when I get to the library they are sitting there waiting for me. Oh, the joy!

Thanks for the list of books...looks like good stuff!

Christine said...

Oh, Terri, you're brilliant. They probably do have this service, though I doubt if it works as fast as yours. I've ordered books from Search Ohio online before, which collects them from any library in the state and sends them to my library, but I hadn't thought of looking into what you're suggesting. That would make library day so much easier! I should probably do it a few days ahead. Thank you! Fellow book lovers unite! :)

And thank you, Laura!

TerraD said...

I was just about to post that same suggestion, Terri. My library typically takes several days to a week, but it is a big help with kiddos in tow.

Andrew & Terri said...

Oh man...I love my library! I sit down after the kids are in bed the night before and they've had them pulled for me as early as 9:30 the next morning. They rock. Book lovers unite, indeed! :)