Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Enhancing Spiritual Growth Through Books

Ugh! I'm deep into selling and buying curriculum (less buying than selling at this point). Looks like the income from selling goes to smog repairs on the van, much to my frustration.

Anyhow, at our house school doesn't start until the end of September. The milder, beautiful September weather calls us to parks for hiking and exploring....this being one of my favorite months. Hints of fall color only enhance our joy!

Though there's little writing time in this curriculum-planning season, I did want to share a little from Gladys Hunt's Honey For A Child's Heart: The Imaginative Use of Books in Family Life.

Front Cover

Chapter 22, Nourishing your Child's Spiritual Life, gives us some gems to enjoy with our children. First, she suggests well-known and well-loved Bible Storybooks, but there's also a longer list of books to enhance Christian understanding. Let's look at the Bible Storybooks first, though I won't cover her entire list (she gives six suggestions).

Well-Known and Well-Loved Bible Storybooks: 

All book suggestions and text below taken from Honey For A Child's Heart, 2002, pg. 216.

1.  Mary Batchelor, The Children's Bible in 365 Stories
The stories are accurate, brief, and written in excellent prose. It's just right for ages 4 -12. A good book to establish family Bible reading.

2.  Karyn Henley, The Beginner's Bible, il. Dennas Davis
Written at second-grade level for kids to read on their own.

Following her six Bible Storybook suggestions, Gladys gives us 30 more book suggestions to enhance Christian understanding.  I'll list several here:

More Books For Christian Understanding: 

All text and book suggestions below taken from Honey For A Child's Heart, 2002, pgs. 217, 218.

1.  Nan Gurley, Twice Yours, A Parable of God's Gift, il. Bill Farnsworth
A gentle story of a grandfather telling his grandson the story of a boat he once made for himself. When he lost the boat, he bought it back again. The grandfather applies this to what God has done for us. Ages 4 -10

2. Dave and Neta Jackson, Hero Tales
Fifteen stories of Christian heroes. Ages 6 -10

3.  Paul Little, Know Why You Believe
Thoughtful answers to some difficult questions. Books for a thinking young person. Young adult.
By the same author: Know What You Believe

4. Helen L. Taylor, Little Pilgrim's Progress
Simplified version of the famous Bunyan classic that captures the essence of its spiritual truths without writing "down" to children. Ages 8 -12

That's all for today!  To start, we are definitely obtaining Little Pilgrim's Progress, Hero's Tales, and The Children's Bible in 365 Stories.

Hero Tales (Vol 1)


Jess said...

that little pilgrim's progress is something else. cuts right to the heart of character...found mine lacking with a few names attached to it i don't like. i have yet to read it to the kids.

we have hero tales, read it to kiersten a few years ago. will have to read again, this time to isaiah. :) i always enjoy the book info!

hope everything got sorted out readers-wise! sorry if i caused trouble, didn't mean to!

Christine said...

You're full of trouble all right! :)

Thank you so much for your help! I'm sure Paul will love the books we ordered.

BTW: Do you agree with the age range she gave for Little Pilgrim's Progress?