Monday, August 15, 2011

weekend doings

As  much as I love for my kids to explore nature and have pets, I never touch any creepy crawlies or furry things myself. And I find this photo disgusting. And cute. Hamsters can eat whole wheat pasta, so we tried this multi-grain, high-protein brand of angel hair. Little furry loved it and my kids were enthralled. They all took a turn feeding a string to Jack the Black.

This might be some type of walking stick, we think. Peter wanted for years to find one, and Friday evening this one crawled up on Daddy's pants. My son started out so excited, and then twenty minutes later, he said, "I hate to say it Mommy, but it's not as exciting as I thought it would be. I guess a praying mantis is my favorite insect."

Grasshoppers and crickets are all the rage here. August and September bring out tons of varieties and sizes. Mary loves to get involved as well, while Beth is more like me. Not afraid, but definitely not in love. "God created a wonderful creature's fascinating. But it better not jump on me." That's my creepy crawly motto.

Paul is a mathematician. When a mathematician wants to make a little money, he folds towels for you......and arranges them like this. Much better than a boring stack of clean towels, don't you think?

The three older children went to Kids Bowl Free with Daddy earlier today. Paul couldn't roll the balls straight and came back a little discouraged. He's very competitive and very much a perfectionist. A few minutes rocking in the rocker with Momma cheered him up, thank goodness.

I'm so grateful no one around here is too old for Momma's rocker!

We'd also planned peach picking at the orchard, so Beth and I could get out too, but it rained and thundered something fierce today.

Here he is again, making his favorite breaded squash.  Only this time he added jalapeno peppers, also from our garden. They are so strong we were all coughing and miserable for awhile, even in the back of the house far from the kitchen.  Lethal! No thanks! (Probably not bad for allergies though. Made my nose run and loosened my post-nasal drip...and I tried my best to stay out of the kitchen while he worked with them.)

It's Sunday night and I had plans. After everyone went to bed, I was going to copy my spiral-bound prayer notes into a bound journal. Then I was going to pray and read some of the Catherine Marshall book.

But on Saturday night husband took a bad spill on a ten-speed bike, getting eight areas of road abrasion, with the worst on his face. Peter, riding in front of Daddy, made a sudden unpredictable move and caused the crash. Unfortunately, the ten-speed didn't have any brakes.

He cleaned the wounds while I put the girls to bed. Then I added antibiotic ointment and sterile gauze dressings or large bandaids to each wound. Tonight, twenty-four hours later, the wound on the chin looks like it might be getting infected. I spent two hours reading first-aid websites, trying to get a description of what a newly infected wound might look like. As always, any kind of wound care stresses me, especially when we have to decide ourselves if medical care is necessary (and a tetanus booster shot...when its been more than ten years since the last booster). After agonizing over the decision, I finally advised him to go to urgent care tomorrow, after the new job and before the other job. His work days are ten hours long and the tetanus shot needs to be administered within 48 hours, so playing it safe means he has to go during the day. Road wounds are very dirty and subject to nasty infection.

I'm thankful for the neighborhood Samaritans who helped both my husband and Peter after the accident. Peter panicked from the blood and shock of the accident, but they calmed him down quite well. He did not fall, because Daddy purposely avoided hitting him.

It could have been much worse. I'm so grateful for my husband!  Grateful he's okay. He's such a great guy, beloved by us all. The children run to the door and out to the driveway when he comes home from work at 7 pm. They're all equally excited to see him; it warms my heart every night. Thank you, Father, for a husband who is much beloved by his children! He exerts himself so much on their behalf, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Fatherhood is hard work! I'm so grateful for his commitment!

After all that web searching and agonizing, I'm emotionally exhausted. I think I'll just pray and crash.

Hope you had a nice weekend, friends!


Margie said...

Hope your Husband is doing better this morning and that the trip to urgent care goes well. A few years ago my husband cut his arm trimming branches and required stitches. They did not give him a tetanus shot in the ER so maybe he will not need the shot. Praying for your dear husband today. My husband gets the same reaction from my children when he comes home in the evenings as well. It is such a blessing when they think so much of their Daddy!

Christine said...

Thank you, Margie, for your prayers! I hope he doesn't need one.

Laura said...

I'm so grateful you husband is ok! Bless your heart, what a scare that must have been. And these critters? I'm with you on the creepy crawlies! You are such a good mommy for indulging them! I hope all is well in your world, Christine. We've just returned from vacation and I am feeling overwhelmed at all that needs doing. But still trying to carry that peace in my heart.