Saturday, August 6, 2011

Many Blessings

My Gratitude List

~ children's art coloring my walls happy
~ his head in a Tree House book
~ girls liking nothing better than a cuddle and book with Momma
~ a cuddly seven-year-old boy who loves picture books too 

~ We've been to our mechanic's house so much lately, it's like a second home. Ha ha. He's lived here over forty-five years, and still resides in the house he grew up in--running a business in a garage in the backyard. The house is smallish, but the property is extensive and rich with foliage. My children love going to Gary's house. As soon as we stop the van, they jump out and run around the bushes and woods, catching insects. Today it was big fat grasshoppers. They charm Gary, who never married or had any children.

As we watched the children--the mosquitoes threatening to run us down--I told him this was the worst summer weather we'd seen here in six years (extra hot, extra humid, extra buggy). He said it's the worst summer he's ever seen here. I'm grateful that a native legitimized my weather musings. I rarely go outside anymore, and the children, usually outside for hours in the summer, only venture out for twenty minutes at a time. blessing? An extra lucrative squash crop. Is it the weather?  I don't know, but there's more than we can keep up with!

~ Girls getting a cooking lesson from Daddy, who loves his breaded squash! I like his yummy creation, but I'd rather steam the squash. That's wasting it, according to him, so every year, he's the squash cook. The children will forever associate summer with Daddy's squash. It warms my heart knowing that it's the simple things that make life so rich. Simple things, done together year after year, make the best childhood memories.

Paddington at the Beach

~ I think many parents would agree that pajama-time picture book reading is  the. best. thing. ever. This week we're thoroughly enjoying Paddington at the Beach, by Michael Bond. The story is told through the seagulls' perspective, who are intrigued by the bear invading their beach, and especially by the bun in his pocket. It's got an adorable surprise ending. My little girls just love it! And the seven-year-old gets giggles out of it as well.

~ a letter from India and my heart spilling over.

~ Peter and Daddy are getting up early to go birding. Peter set out his own clothes, Daddy's clothes, two binoculars, their hats, two bird books, a bug-catching container, and a Mt. Dew can for Daddy (so he'll stay awake that early).  All this, he reasoned, ensures they get out in the field as quickly as possible. Peter is the only morning person around here. Of course, he reminded me five times to print out the directions for Daddy before I went to bed.

So on that note....have a good weekend, friends!  Much love to you!

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