Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bible Reading HW (Giveaway)

Just a reminder that as part of our Catherine Marshall study we are reading through the Gospels consecutively to discover more about the person of Jesus.

This week read Matthew 1 through Matthew 14 (due Wednesday, Aug. 24) and make notes on what new things stand out about Jesus. Or, take notes on what He is saying to you, directly, through the week's verses.

If you do your homework faithfully every week between now and October 12 (8 weeks), I will send you this 3-piece Thanksgiving book set. The first person to comment on October 12, stating that they did all the homework by the Wednesday deadlines, will get the books. You can e-mail me with your mailing address after I post the winner.

Side Note:  You know I'm desperate to get you studying your Bible when I go and offer a giveaway. Me, who abhors giveaways and never clicks on any giveaway post of any author, no matter how much I love them. I prefer blog posts without advertisements; my reading time is precious and short.

But really, these are wonderful books!  I just happen to own two copies of all three of them......and I really think this was the Holy Spirit's idea. At first I ridiculous! No way! But the next thing I know, I'm pulling these books off the shelf.

Tonight I read Matthew 1 through Matthew 5 and what stood out for me personally was the suffering Jesus endured as he fasted for forty days in the desert. For some reason this never gripped me so much before....I guess because Jesus is God and I figured he was stronger than us and better able to endure. But he did this as a man! His body functioned just as ours does. 

I'm a person who falls apart when hungry (lack of concentration, short-tempered, headaches), which is something that happens far too often because the kids' needs keep me so busy. I make the mistake of trying to do one more thing before eating. I can't imagine skipping even two meals. Jesus skipped 120 meals!

What also stood out is this verse:  "It is written: 'Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'" Matthew 4:4

Jesus is telling us here that we can't truly live without our Bible reading. So let's not try!  Let's not push it aside with other, less important things. Or rush through it, for that matter. Jesus wants us to have life abundant. Without our Bible reading, we have life heavy-laden.

Which do you choose?  Life abundant, or life heavy-laden?

Tips for busy moms:

~ Just open your Bible!

~ Read while in the same room with your children. They are less likely to ask for things and interrupt you if you read in their presence. (Plus, you leave them a legacy of devotion to Jesus. Not a bad thing to be remembered for, eh?) Often they interrupt our activities because they want our physical presence. Let's give that to them, and see how much reading we get done.

~ If you have a baby and toddler to care for, aim for ten verses at a sitting. It will add up by the end of the day. Using a highlighter will help you remember what stood out and why.

~ Tell your husband what your reading goal is and ask him to take over with the kids for twenty minutes, so you can go in a room by yourself. Even a tired husband should be willing to give you twenty minutes.

~ Try not to save it for the last half hour of your day, when you're exceptionally tired. You won't concentrate as well and it will seem more like an obligation.

~ Leave your Bible open in a prominent place, as a reminder. (Just don't forget to hide the highlighter marker from your toddler. Been there, done that.)

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