Thursday, August 25, 2011

Journaling Notes, Matthew 9-14

It was ten o'clock at night and my two year old awoke with loud cries, it being time for her next ibuprofen dose. I gave her the medicine and nursed her, promptly falling asleep myself. Nursing always makes me so sleepy.

But I hadn't finished reading my fourteen chapters of Matthew, and it was already Wednesday night! If I give you homework, I surely must complete it myself.

So, the Lord brought on the loudest thunderstorm I've ever heard.

I awoke with a start at 1:30 AM.

A bad headache drove me to take two Excedrin Tension Headache tablets, which kept me awake long enough to finish off my study of Matthew, through chapter 14. They contain caffeine, so I try to avoid them at night when possible.

I love the Gospels! So much meat many wonderful reminders. What struck me the most in my wee-hours study was this:

We must be sincere in our faith. Jesus always had very harsh words for the Pharisees and Teachers of the Law. His disgust with them knew no bounds.With his own disciples he was firm but gentle. Among the sick and the poor, he showed only compassion. But oh, how he abhored the hypocrites. Ouch!

His keeping me up until the wee hours was a reminder. Be sincere in your faith. I was wrong to let school preparation and other things get in the way of my Bible study. With interruptions, it took three hours to finish the last six chapters of Matthew. Not reading them alone, but in studying commentary on the verses as well, because them parables 'ain't easy to figure. I would have been done in an hour or less, if I'd not left six chapters to do in one night.

We all have some Pharisee in us. I see clearly that to remain sincere in our faith, to keep our hearts pure, we need to reread the gospels frequently. Jesus' treatment of the Pharisees cuts right through us. Our own sin screams at us as we take in Jesus' harsh, uncompromising words.

The new homework, due next Wednesday:  Finish Matthew

Tell me, what have you learned this week?

Just a little note......I haven't abandoned my series on prayer....specifically, on the Lord's Prayer. I'll get to it, as well as to more Catherine Marshall

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