Wednesday, August 24, 2011

elevate it, he says

Does the hospital bracelet in the background, and the swollen toddler knee give you some hint about my morning?

A sprain, not a break. Elevate it, says the ER Doc. And put on Barney. Then he winks at me, knowing full well toddlers don't stand for elevation or bedrest.

Pray for a quick recovery, with no complications?  Thank you! I'm grateful it's not worse, and praying no infection develops in the joint, which can happen with trauma.

Miss Beth fell in the driveway in the late afternoon yesterday, and it was no big deal.....

....Until this morning, when she woke up limping, sporting a fat knee. Her doctor said to take her to the ER.

By the time the ibuprofen kicked in and the doctor came in to see us--one hour, four children, small examining room, ugh!--Miss Beth was all ready to prance around the examining room like a fashion model, smiling like a little flirt the whole while.


Sandi said...

Glad it's not a break. Will pray all heals well and quickly.

Margie said...

Poor knee! So glad it is not a break, but children have an amazing capacity for healing. Hope Momma is doing better as well. Hugs to both of you!

Christine said...

Thank you for your prayers! The swelling is down some, but she won't stay off of it. The doctor said she would lie down if she really needed to. Unlike us adults. :)