Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Peter!

Happy Birthday Peter!
10 Years Old today

He put holes in his last good pair of jeans this week. I had to get a 12 slim, which nearly put me in tears. My little boy wearing a 12! Cruel how fast the years pass, isn't it? I still remember my little guy standing near the sink, pointing to the faucet and asking for "wa".

I bought him this bead set and he already told me how wonderful it is three times this morning! He is so sweet. It's just the right difficulty level and the boys are having so much fun together. Handicrafts are such a wonderful way to pass the time together, as siblings. By the same company, I bought a birdhouse wood project for him to complete with Daddy, including painting the finished project. He loves time with Daddy and my husband loves to do such things with the boys.

Aside: Charlotte Mason believes handicrafts should be a part of every child's education, and I wholeheartedly agree. The discipline, patience, and pride that must go into such projects teaches so much!


Sandi said...

Happy Birthday Peter! Those bead pets look like fun. Especially since bug hunting for real is not in season right now lol! My middle guy would love these.
He was given a dinasour dig in a box as gift. He has spent hours slowly digging away to get to the bones. It is as hard as a rock and is very real like. I hear you about the little by little process of making or working on something. Great learning taking place.

Margie said...

Happy Birthday Peter!

Laura said...

Happy birthday to your sweet boy! He is so handsome. :)

And just to let you life is very much filled with the mothering too. I just have trouble finding contentment there these days. This unsettled feeling, I have come to know is my longing for God. It is so bittersweet. It fills me up sometimes, this waiting.

Love you!