Monday, January 9, 2012

Who Can I Bless Today?

When you wake up in the morning is your first thought: "Who can I bless today?"  If you're not a morning person and you get too little sleep, this might be akin to a joke. Ahem.

But wouldn't it be nice to hold that thought all day? It honors God. It seeks not its own. It's filled with the Spirit.

We cannot live out our faith without the Spirit. The beautiful thing is...He's always available! We don't wait for him to fill us...he already did that, the moment we believed. We must go to Him to renew the fire. The fire that causes us to say..."Who can I bless today?" "Who can I be the face of Jesus to?"

Church is like a date to us, the parents of four. At our church the children worship with their family, leaving for their lessons after the last song and before the sermon. Honey and I then sit side by side, my head on his shoulder, his arms enfolding me. It's bliss. One with arthritis and one with neurological issues means our days are taxing, to put it lightly. We perform very well as a team but rarely have moments fully together. Church is one of those moments and sometimes we wish we were never asked to stand.

Another memorable time in church is when the pastor says, "Open your Bibles to...." I love that statement when I've been in the Word faithfully since the previous Sunday. But when I haven't? When I let life consume me? The shame of knowing I didn't faithfully love my Lord, grieves me.

Friends, at church yesterday, I hope you had the satisfaction of knowing you'd been in the Word, since the previous time your pastor said, "Open your Bibles...".

Remember that opening your Bible is the hardest part. Don't necessarily wait for the sanest moment to do so. Maybe that doesn't come on some days at your house? Then pick any moment. We have a number of Bibles so I keep one in every living space. Sit on the floor with the Legos and games. Let them play while you read. Interruptions will happen, but God will reward your faithfulness. If you have time later to do more reading, great. But if not, you still did something to renew the Spirit of God within you. The Spirit that compels you to wonder..."Who can I bless today?" That feeling can only come from someone who has been ministered to. While you read, He ministers.

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Jennifer @ said...

That's a way to start the day!

I ask God this question most mornings:

"What are we doing today, Lord?"

Christine said...

Great question to ask, Jennifer!