Monday, January 16, 2012

If Only I Could Read

Spring 2011 - My favorite photo of the year
At dinner a few weeks ago, Mary announced: "My life would be so much better if I could read." Along with this came a pretty little pout.

My plan didn't include formally teaching Mary this soon--she just turned 5--but when they want to, it's time. I live by this wisdom with potty training and weaning as well. Wait until they want to, which will be sometime before their wedding. No worries, no rushing through childhood. Why rush a precious gift?

I love the writing road to reading best; when Mary expresses an interest in something, we write about it. I help her sound out words and in the process, she's quickly picked up the sounds she still lacked.

Today she announced that she'll be an animal rescuer when she grows up. Guess what DVD she rented from the library this week?

What dangers would she need to learn about, she wondered? What could animals do to hurt her?

"Mommy, I want to make a list of the dangers."

I'm no animal rescuer myself, but I did suggest three ways animals could be dangerous. She loved her list, promptly reading it to all three siblings without help.

"See, Mary!  You can read!"

My girl, proud and empowered, affixed her list to the fridge, to read to Daddy later:

1.  (they're) HUNTRS

2.  (they bite) BIT

3.  (they're) WILD

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