Tuesday, February 1, 2011

busy at play

My munchkins have been busy!  I love to watch their imaginations take flight.
This sweet baby is good in the kitchen!  Very careful, methodical.  Here she's helping with cookie ingredients.

Later that same day, she helped with the whole wheat pancake ingredients.

While the cookies baked, my girls ones made their own Playdoh cookies.  

"Taste one, Mommy."

"Ohhh.  Blueberry surprise cookies.  Yummy.  Thank you."

Her favorite--butterflies!  I had to cut the antennae out, but she cut the rest.  

Rockin' out to Jesus songs.

"Look, Mommy.  I made a snowman!"

My Paul takes the lead in craft time.  He started with the piece of ribbon his baby sister pulled out of the craft closet.  Next thing I know, it's an exciting Kite Day!  I love homeschooling!  I can always adjust things when something sparks their imaginations.  

They ran back and forth down the hall, flying their beloved kites!  It was back to the craft table when repairs were needed.  

Dear Jesus,   I love these blessings you've given.  They bring such joy!  Thank you, from a grateful Momma! 

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Laura said...

They are so cute! Yours looks like the fun place to be. :)