Friday, February 4, 2011

hectic, but blessed

Life is hectic.  Here 's some evidence.

The cookies were baked on Wednesday.  Thursday we meant to frost them, but while my two little ones were helping, water got poured into the milk-and-powdered-sugar icing, ruining it.  By then, I had to start dinner and worry about the frosting later.  I put it in the fridge.  Later never happened.

So this morning, after breakfast, I doctored up the concoction with butter and flour, trying to thicken it.

It tasted fine, so we added some neon pink to one batch, and neon purple to another.

All were happy.  Mommy was especially happy, because she put off cleaning the floor until the messy cookies were decorated.  Yes, that means two days, folks.

Afterwards, Mary tells me, "I had a really good time eating that cookie, Mommy."

I live for the sweet, funny things my Mary says!

We are a family with no drawing talent, unless we use books.  He was very happy with his cowboy scene.  Okay, Daddy can draw a little.

The preschool kids, doing their thing.

They've worked on this snow wall, for a fort, over the last two weeks.  This week's storm didn't seem to change it much.  They were relieved!

Thank you again, for your help with the reading material dilemma.  I started reading the first Boxcar Children last night, and Peter is sufficiently hooked.  Thank goodness!  I think there are over a hundred of this series, so maybe I can relax for a while.   He should have enough pleasure reading material for three to four months, I would think.

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Andrew & Terri said...

Yay! I am so glad he likes the Boxcar Children! :)