Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saturday Doings

Early morning activities

My four year old, who went about a year with only P, T, B, and M under her belt, suddenly loves all things alphabet!  I organized all my alphabet toys yesterday, making them more accessible.  Her brothers were interested much earlier than four, but I knew her time would come!  It's precious when they lead the way in their learning.

Here is my oldest, starting the day with his bird field guide.  He went on to spend the majority of the day reading The Backyard Bird Feeders Bible.  He has big plans!  In the past we've always run out of bird seed in a week, due to the sparrows.  We decided we just couldn't afford it.  

Now, thankfully, Peter has plans to feed birds from our kitchen!  He was so pumped up about feeders, I just couldn't disappoint him with another "Sorry, we can't afford it."  We looked up all the foodstuff they eat besides bird seed.  We were all surprised at the variety!  I'm praying we can keep the birds coming, between once-a-month birdseed purchases and kitchen cupboard help.

And finally, here is the end of my long day of organizing.  Guess what these boys are engrossed in?  After I put the girls down, I went back into the playroom to find them both reading a Boxcar Children story!

May I just say, we all loved the first installment?  The night before we couldn't put it down!  They begged me to keep reading past their bedtime.  I was so engrossed in the storyline myself, I didn't want to stop either!  We finished it at 9:50 p.m.!  Thankfully, the boys were not cranky on Saturday, as a result of this indulgence.

We have a playdate scheduled on Sunday afternoon, which is another reason Momma had to do some organizing of school things and alphabet things.  Our school area in the dining room had become an eyesore.  Now it's all spiffy and nice.  Feels good!

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Andrew & Terri said...

I am grinning from ear-to-ear at that last picture!