Tuesday, February 8, 2011

emergency gratitude

Ugh, kids!  Just discovered my four year old left the water on outside the house--potentially for days!  I can't remember when I caught her over there, and I didn't know she had actually turned on the hose.  Usually we can hear it running out there when we're in the dining room.  We were already having trouble paying the bill.  I noticed today that there wasn't much water pressure in the shower or washer.  Hope that doesn't indicate a problem with pipes!

Strangely, when we lived in the California desert, our bill was $40.00 to $60.00 per month, depending on whether it was watering season for the grass.  Here in a heavy snow area of the midwest, our bill is $100.00 to $120.00 /month!

Time to give God thanks for something:

- praying children, two saved children

- healthy children

- reading glasses to go over my contacts

- literature to fill us with delight

- children's sleeping faces (always grips my heart)

- a house still clean (Am I entering a different season now?  Seems easier to keep a decent house.)

- The water company said if the bill was enormous, they could break up the amount for us.

- Money soon to finally get a perm for my lifeless hair. (I've been waiting six months!  Wish my hair would change, Margie.  You're fortunate!)

- sunshine and reasonable temps, so children can play with their igloo

- husband graduating on Sunday from computer school

- husband working on getting a computer internship at one of his custodial job sites

- a boy with a myriad of interests

- my Beth playing with the dolls more (Mary hasn't much interest thus far.)

- very few wet diapers and a still-enthused potty trainer

- a house with nice living spaces

- decreasing OCD symptoms

- homeschooling

- laughter coming from little people

- siblings

- little teddy bears tucked away for my little ones for Valentine's Day

- big boys and little girls who still like stuffed animals

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