Wednesday, February 2, 2011

thankful heart

My heart gives thanks for....

- a new, working stapler to hang art work in the playroom

- kids' art--it soothes me, slows me, refreshes me

- my sweet 25-month-old, Beth.  Her independence, helpfulness, and intelligence delight me anew every day.

- my Beth having her yearly physical along with Mary's.  Mary hadn't been to the doctor in a year, except for her flu shot.  She was excited about the appointment, in contrast to Beth's dread.  Beth, in fact, began crying as soon as I pulled into the doctor's parking lot.  I had Mary get on the examining table first.  Her attitude taught Beth that it isn't scary, but rather fascinating.  Going second, Beth didn't even cry for the shots!

- Mary whispering to me (while Doctor made notes in a chart), "Do you think he's pleased with me?"

- my living room remaining clean for two weeks.  God brings about change, or progress, when it's important to Him.  The previous two years, I couldn't seem to keep that room clean for very long.  Now suddenly, it's a breeze.

- the heart-shaped cookie cutters I found, in many different sizes.  Everyone is excited around here!  Cookie creations delight them.

- huge snow flakes (my favorite)

- Peter's gardening excitement.  He carefully planned his out on paper this morning.

- the sisters playing together more and more.  At ages two and four, they've found friendship!

- Paul's leadership and aptitude for arts and crafts.

- Peter's leadership and aptitude for creative playtime scenarios.

- Mary's hard-working attitude.  She never gives up on an endeavor, and tells her brothers they shouldn't either.

- the Mary Pope Osborne, Magic Tree House books, which teach both social studies and science facts, as well as delight Peter, who likes adventure.  Also, they don't have the constant put-downs he encountered in the Jeronimo Stilton books.  He goes through a series of books very quickly!  He's reading two Tree House books a day!

- Ann Voskamp's new book is on order for me at my local library.  How cool!  Ann's fame is quickly spreading across the country, and the book just came out two weeks ago!

Ephesians 5:20 giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ


Andrew & Terri said...

Maybe The Boxcar Children next for Peter? Good wholesome fun and they are a big longer than Magic Tree House...maybe just one a day. :)

Christine said...

Thank you, Terri! I need third-grade teacher advice. Isn't that the grade you taught?

I'm surprised that so many children's chapter books contain put-downs, as though that kind of humor is all kids can take. Peter always remarks about it, too, and gets sick of it, although he likes the adventure parts of the stories. It's hard to navigate these older grades, as far as reading material goes! I'm not a huge censorship fan, but I'm very aware of a book's potential influence on young minds.

I read some Judy Blume books in my tween years that my mother should have censored!