Monday, August 20, 2012

Multitude Monday: Gifts in Isaiah

I had a wonderful time in Isaiah last night. So many rich verses to underline and absorb. When the Word washes over me, it's a tidal wave of relief as intimate details of the Lord's loving kindness envelope me, leaving me at perfect peace. On this Multitude Monday, I'd like to highlight those that really spoke to me. Thank you, Father, for your Word! What a beautiful grace it is.

How can we ever stay away long, when the Bible has this rich soul food for us? I read Isaiah 57 through 67 and it flowed so wonderfully. Such an intimate picture of our Father and what he wants for us...what he desires from us.

Scripture in red, my words in blue.

Isaiah 66:10-14

10“Rejoice with Jerusalem and be glad for her,

all you who love her;

rejoice greatly with her,

all you who mourn over her.

11For you will nurse and be satisfied

at her comforting breasts;

you will drink deeply

and delight in her overflowing abundance.”

12For this is what the Lord says:

“I will extend peace to her like a river,

and the wealth of nations like a flooding stream;

you will nurse and be carried on her arm

and dandled on her knees.

13As a mother comforts her child,

so will I comfort you;

and you will be comforted over Jerusalem.”

This picture of God's heart? How deeply he wants to comfort our souls? How thorough he wants that comfort to be? So very beautiful. 

As thoroughly as a babe is comforted at his mother's breast...that is the Father's heart for us. That kind of all encompassing love.

Isaiah 65:17-20

New Heavens and a New Earth

17“Behold, I will create

new heavens and a new earth.

The former things will not be remembered,

nor will they come to mind.

18But be glad and rejoice forever

in what I will create,

for I will create Jerusalem to be a delight

and its people a joy.

19I will rejoice over Jerusalem

and take delight in my people;

the sound of weeping and of crying

will be heard in it no more.

20“Never again will there be in it

an infant who lives but a few days,

or an old man who does not live out his years;

The sound of weeping and of crying will be heard no more? Never again will there be in it an infant who lives but a few days? The Lord hears our cries, our despair! He has compassion on us and weeps with us! He loves us and plans to take all sorrow away! 

Wait on Him. He has it covered, yes? We can trust him with our deepest sorrow, our complicated troubles  

And for these gifts too, Father, I thank you:

~ For the perfection of your design. The beauty in your art work all around us. 

~ For a little boy of eight, who knows you and worships you.

~ For the gift of their smiles. For their wonder on a walk in the woods.

~ For every creature, even those clothed in black.

~ I'm amazed and horrified at these beetles. Thank you for the wonder of them.

~ For little boys and their toys. And the big boy who took the picture. 

~ Conner, the other new neighborhood boy (age 11), played with my boys until 7:30 PM, at which time Paul said he had to go in and read his Bible and shower. My boys know that the earlier they're ready for bed, the more reading Daddy can do. When they stay out late, they always mourn the short reading time. 

Peter said he had to read his Bible too. 

Conner looked at them curiously. 

Conner: "You have to read the Bible?"

Paul: "Yes, I read it every day."

Conner: "You do?"

The boys felt Conner looked more curious than anything else. I told them how proud I was of them, that they weren't afraid to reveal faith matters. 

Dear Lord, thank you for their boldness. May you magnify Conner's curiosity, giving him the desire to ask questions and read your Word too.

~ Washing Mary's hair last night, I heard her say something almost frightening.

Mary:  "Mommy, I really love Conner. (Who had come in to eat dessert with us earlier) Can I marry him when I grow up, if he still lives here?"

Mommy:  "Yes, if he's a Christian by then. The Bible says that a Christian must marry another Christian."

Mary:  "It really says that? (Pausing to reflect) That's a stupid rule."

Mommy:  "Mary, everything the Lord commands, he commands for our good. If you marry a non-Christian you will have a very unhappy marriage. Your husband will not share your love for the Lord, and your children may not follow the Lord, either. A husband who follows the Lord is very important for helping children develop a desire to follow the Lord. It will get very lonely and sorrowful for you if you marry a non-Christian."

Mary:  "I still thinks it's a stupid rule."

While this horrified me, I also felt gratitude. The Lord signaled me that I must pray fervently for Mary's heart, every day. He verified for me that, yes, this girl of mine is very stubborn. I must pray that obedience will become like a comfort to her, not a burden. That her strong will brings glory to God, like the Apostle Paul's did. She loves the Lord and seeks His comfort and prays for herself and others. She has that relationship, but obedience? It will be her sticking point. Lord, may she never be a carnal Christian, but one who trembles at your Word!

What are you thankful for today, friend?

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Christina said...

I too love Isaiah. And those are amazing pictures of His handiwork! Blessings!

TerraD said...

I have been married to a non-Christian for eleven years, and while it can be lonely and is surely a challenge, ours is not an unhappy marriage. It just could be better!

Christine said...

I'll be praying he comes to the Lord, Terra, so that it will be better than you've ever dreamed. Thank you for sharing your perspective!

Christine said...

Christina, Thank you for visiting. Blessings to you today.

Lisa said...

Love the pics of your sweet children, dear friend. And rejoicing with you in the boldness of your boys. :)
Much love!