Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So Busy, And Prayer Request

I miss this space.

Miss Beth has four appointments scheduled this week, between speech, dental, and her two therapy sessions. All were (are) necessary.

I love the speech therapist exceedingly well. According to the testing workup, Beth is a smart little cookie with lots to say. As I suspected, her intelligibility needs a lot of work. On paper her articulation disorder looks moderate, but the therapist couldn't understand much of what she said--except when Beth was naming pictures--so she thinks it is moderate to severe, but fairly easy to correct.

She will also work on a few articulation issues in Mary and Paul (articulation difficulties run in the family) hopefully in group session with Beth, so that we can meet fewer times and keep our lives more sane. Lately, sane doesn't describe our schedule, but the swimming therapy ends after August, so that will improve things some. Beth's issues seem to run our schedule, unfortunately.

Another stressful thing.

Lexi, the neighborhood friend I've written about, recently suffered another tragedy in her life. Her mother and her mother's boyfriend were both arrested for domestic violence. Lexi and her brother witnessed it, and Lexi had to go to a neighbor's to ask for help. This didn't occur in our neighborhood, which is relatively quiet. It was at the boyfriend's residence about twenty minutes away.

So, they are back living with the grandmother and grandpa in our neighborhood. The mother's car was towed here yesterday, and she was released from jail.

Both Lexi and her brother came to visit yesterday--the first time we've seen her six-year-old brother. They both have anxiety issues and behavior issues and the brother's visit made me realize I can't keep ministering to Lexi as I'd like, especially if the brother now accompanies her here. I wasn't able to control him at all.

The more the mother--who probably has mental problems--upsets these children, the worse their own issues become, and the less I can do for them, outside of much prayer. Yesterday was overwhelming and I can't keep up that pace. Now that they are living here again, the visits would be very frequent and long, since the mother has little control over them and she apparently appreciates the long visits here.

All of their needs are very great. I don't think Lexi or her brother would be accepted by any daycare, due to behavioral problems and volatility, so the mother might be prevented from holding down even a menial job--thus, no home of their own. The grandparents probably can't handle the kids on their own, either.

Worse, the mother's poverty and her own emotional/mental issues probably lead her to one troubled man after another.

Please pray for this family?

It seems that life is so much about what country you're born into, and what family and issues you inherit. Overcoming huge things like this takes the strength of a relationship with God. Please pray that for Lexi and her family?

Thank you!

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