Wednesday, May 26, 2010

crying buckets over Ann's post

I just read a post from Ann, at Holy Experience.  I am crying buckets.  So beautiful.  You really must read this.  Intimate Issues: The Making of a Marriage Bed.

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Jess said...

you sweet thing you! i so appreciated all your words of encouragement and blessing about my home school debate. the hardest part for me is not following my curriculum guideline like it is 'gospel' and being ok as much with what we don't do as with what we do do. i just really appreciated the time you took to write me such a response- especially having been there yourself. i know my kids will flurish better at home and that in the end it will all be a blessing...but it was so nice to hear it reaffirmed.

so thank you so very much.

as a side note i really enjoyed ann's post as well. it definitely touched a nerve and has had me thinking on my beloved.

hope all is well and not too warm by you. blessings and love!