Monday, June 20, 2011

praying for mothers

Yesterday, for Father's Day, I offered my husband/father prayer list.

It might have occurred to you (it did to me)....but what about the mothers.....the women?  Don't they deserve prayer from the Body of Christ?


But I wasn't far enough along in my prayer warrior journey around Mother's Day to write a prayer list befitting the Christian mother.  Having prayed for wisdom, I now have a list to help me pray more specifically for all the mothers in my life--family and friends and acquaintances...and you, dear reader.  May it encourage you to write your own, so you can strengthen the Body of Christ.

In a group of 70 Christians, there may only be a few prayer warriors.

Won't you be one of the few?

How is the prayer going, friend?

Our Father, I pray these things for my mother friend _______________:

- That she will be saved, if that is not yet a reality.

- That she will develop a consistent prayer habit.

- That she will go to you for wisdom, for comfort, for strength, and not be swayed by the world.

- That she will lead her children in devotions, when her husband can't (or won't?).

- That she will guard her tongue.

- That she will serve her family with grace and gladness and thanksgiving.

- That she will submit to her husband's leadership, being thankful for what he provides.

- That she will pray for her husband and children daily.

- That she will be content in her circumstances.

- That she will have at least one godly woman encouraging her in the ways of the Lord, holding her accountable for a prayer life, for Bible study, for keeping her marriage bed pure.

- That she will use her resources wisely and unselfishly, being a good steward, so she can bless her church and the less fortunate. 

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Katherine said...

Great post, Christine!