Thursday, June 23, 2011

Guest Post: Amy's Prayer Warrior Journey, Vol. 3

Here are links for Vol. 1, and Vol. 2.

Staying Focused
I have noticed that since praying consistently, I don't get as sidetracked as I used to.  

Talking With the Father Brings Peace 
Some nights there are certain things on my heart that I really need to bring before the Lord and "talk" with Him about.  Before beginning consistent prayer, I would sometimes not pray very much about things that were on my heart or bothering me.  Now, I know I have a designated time and I can just be still before the Lord.  I have more peace.

The Spirit Teaches, Humbles
This week the Spirit revealed to me, on more than one occasion, my critical spirit.  I believe that because I am spending more time with the Lord, I am hearing his voice more often, whether from reading the Bible, talking with my husband, or reading Christian blogs.  The Lord has revealed to me that I should not judge people (family, friends, or strangers) for their actions or decisions, but show grace and forgiveness as He does to me.  Because I was seeing this in myself, I was confessing, repenting, and noticing a change in my thoughts and feelings concerning others.  This has been something the Lord has shown me over many years, but this past week, I noticed that I was judging other Christians for being judgmental and critical.  I was angry that Christians would act like that.  The Lord called me to confess, provide grace to my sisters in Christ, and realize that they are God's "work in progress" just like I am.  Once again, my judgemental attitude had crept in. 

Ever Thankful for Him
I am so thankful for Jesus'  guidance and forgiveness.

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Christine said...

Isn't it amazing how much clearer His voice is, when we make prayer a consistent part of our life? I feel like I've unwrapped a special gift!

I only wish it hadn't taken me so long to accept this gift....which was always right there....waiting for me to unwrap it.

Thank you, Amy, for sharing your heart here!