Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I met with my pastor today regarding my dysfunctional parent situation.  It was so liberating to have this counseling!  Why in the world did I wait so long??  We covered a number of issues, and he wholeheartedly affirmed my new, tough-love stance.

He also said that I needed more support in my life.  I told him about all of you, and what a blessing you have been to me these last two years.  While he was relieved to hear this, he said it was mandatory that I have a flesh-and-blood friend right now, as well as a woman who can act as a surrogate mother.  In fact, he is holding me accountable for this.  He mentioned his wife as a friend possibility, since she is about my age.  I happen to really like his wife!  She teaches at a Christian school, so we have a teaching background in common.  They have two children at home--one in middle school and one in high school.  Their oldest child, a daughter, just got married last summer, and attends Moody Bible school along with her new husband.

Pastor also wants me to show up at the Ladies Bible Study on Sunday nights, for more fellowship.  There are only teenagers in the nursery at that time, which is why I have rejected the Bible Study idea previously.  Our family would add four more children to the mix, including a baby who will probably cry her eyes out at being left.  The only time I've left her in the nursery was during the Christmas play, so that I could see the whole thing up close and give encouraging smiles to my boys, who played shepherds with minor speaking parts.  Pastor is going to work on getting an adult in there, and I told him I could work in there on a rotation.

He is also going to address issues with my husband, who didn't grow up with a loving father.  Pastor will be a friend and encourager to him, and put others in place to do the same, including someone who can act as a father.

And lastly, he is going to make sure our children have surrogate grandparents!

PRAISE THE LORD!  I'm going to sleep so well tonight.  For the first time in a very long time, I don't feel alone.

Don't underestimate the counseling skills of your local pastor!  You just might be blessed if you make an appointment!


Margie said...

What a wonderful Pastor you have! I will say...participating in our Ladies Bible Study on Tuesday mornings has been a huge blessing to me. I have such a wonderful group of friends from there. They are wonderful. I pray the same for you!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad your got wonderful, encouraging words from your pastor. I have talked with our pastor before, too, and I agree that it is wonderful to have a listening, caring ear.

Yes, do make the effort to surround yourself with other real-live people. lol. I struggle with 'staying home or going' sometimes simply because it seems easier to stay home. But I'm always blessed when I go!

Jess said...

you are one courageous lady! and i mean that quite honestly- i would have to be just about broken to go to see my pastor (and that isn't any reflection on him...but rather me). i think that is super awesome and completely God like to have you do what you knew you should and bless you in such a wonderful way for obeying. :) i hope it all works out to encourage, support and bless your entire family. way to go christine!!!!